2016 Photo Gallery

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  1. Gallipoli Park Area, Presntations   (Courtesy: Sandice)
  2. Buxton Road, Michaeldene Track, 1/2 Mara Turn, Aid 4k, Finish (Courtesy: Greg)
  3. Finish Line   (Courtesy: Amanda)
  4. Aid 4k – Falls Rd   (Courtesy: Elena)
  5. Red Hill Tk, Tree Fern Gully Tk   (Courtesy: Jenine)
  6. Red Hill, Dickenson Lane, Lady Talbot, Tree Fern Gully, Presentations   (Courtesy: Joel)
  7. Gallipoli Park, Start, Steavensons Falls  (Courtesy: Kevin)
  8. Start, Steavensons Falls (Courtesy: Matt)
  9. Lady Talbot Drive, Southern Track (Courtesy: Oli)