New SATURDAY Events in 2023







Collect bibs from 2pm – 4pm Saturday

Race brief 15min before your race

Marysville 100km Event

Why a 100km at Marysville?

The Marysville Marathon festival has evolved as the township and surrounding areas have recovered from the 2009 Black Saturday Fires. The festival is a major event for Marysville and continues to support community groups and businesses. With the expansion of the Marysville Marathon Festival now covering the whole weekend with events on Saturday and Sunday, it naturally flows for the event to provide runners the opportunity to challenge themselves with the much sought after 100km distance for the ultra runner.

We will have staggered starts based on expected first 50km time. We want to have as many 100km runners as possible pass through Gallipoli Park as we start the 50km event at 7am on Sunday. The second half of the 100km course is the 50km Sunday course. We will ask you a few questions when you register, so we can work out the right start time for you.

Starts will be:

8pm for 10-12hr 50km runners

10pm for 8-10hr 50km runners

12am for 6-8hr 50km runners

The first 50km of the 100km requires you to be mostly self-sufficient, and some night time running experience is preferred. There is minimal course marking/signs and you will need to carry a map, or a GPS file and know how to operate it. There are minimal check points, so you will need to carry your food and drink supplies.

Safety Requirements

For your safety we require you to observe a few things:

1. Provide accurate responses to the entry questions.

2. Have completed a 50km event previously.

3. Have night time running experience.

Mandatory Gear Requirements

Note that this list may be updated as our plans develop over the next few months. Here’s the current list:

– Phone with tracking App

– Gloves & beanie

– Sealed seam waterproof jacket

– 1000 calories of food

– 1 litre of water

– Snake bandage

– Head torch with 12hr effective light run time

– Spare torch

If this gets your legs twitching and your heart thumping, we look forward to seeing you on Saturday 11th November!!

King & Queen of the Mountain

14KQOM start – Saturday 3pm

7KQOM Start – Saturday 4pm


If you love the challenge of short, sharp climbs, this is FOR YOU!!

The King and Queen of the Mountain events on Saturday 11th November heads straight up some great climbs in the Southern Forest, then returns along the beautiful flowing Tree Fern Gully trail.

With the short 7km or longer 14km event there’s a challenge for everyone.

Of course you could treat it as a nice warm up for your event on Sunday.


KidsDash start – Saturday 3:30pm

1,500m – that’s 1.5km if you reckon you can make it!! A dash around the beautiful Gallipoli Park precinct. Run as far and as fast as you can and don’t forget your medal when you finish!!