Trailsplus will make every effort to hold the 2021 event on 7th Nov.  If postponement is required, the new date will be 20th Feb 2022.  Regardless of the date of the 2021 event, the 2022 event will be held on Sunday 6th Nov 2022.

In the case of postponement, all entries will be automatically rolled forward to 20th Feb 2022.  If the event cannot be held on 20th Feb, all entries will be automatically rolled to the 2022 event on 8th Nov.


Some changes have been made to the way we operate in order to minimise the opportunity for Covid to spread at this event.

Runners must not help themselves at aid stations.  Aid station operators will serve food and drink to the runners.  Please listen to their instructions.  To avoid waiting at an aid station, you may consider bringing your own supplies.

All runners must carry their own cup or bottle to be filled at aid stations.  Trailsplus events do not use single use cups.

All runners and their supporters are encouraged to bring a credit card for any purchases.  Please avoid using cash if possible.