8th Nov 2020, would have seen us all set ready to go in Marysville for the 12th edition of the Marysville Marathon Festival.

As all Victorians know, the vast majority of us can’t get there.  The regulations required to control the coronavirus prevent our normal gathering at Gallipoli Park. So we are going virtual.

This year’s virtual event is very much in support of the Marysville community and in essence a donation to the community and emergency services.

All profits from the event will be distributed to local volunteer community groups and emergency services.

Stay safe and enjoy your personal challenge and thanks for supporting the community of Marysville.

Thank you to all involved and well done to the runners!!

Results are now available.

We will advise the fund-raising results once all the bills are paid.


Q. When will the virtual Marysville Marathon be held.

A. You must complete your event between 8th Nov and 11th Dec 2020.


Q. How far can I run?

A. Choose between 5km, 10km, 21km, 42km, 50km and 100km!!


Q. How much will it cost?

A. $40 plus fees & taxes.  Same price for all distances.


Q. Can I complete my event before I sign up?

A. Yes, for a limited time you can, however this is only valid from Nov 8th to Nov 11th for the eager beavers.


Q. Are there any legal requirements?

A. Yes. You must follow all state and local rules, including Covid restrictions and requirements.


Q. Do I have to Run?

A. No, you can walk or run, even be pushed in a pram if you are a little one. You can even be a four legged participant! So long as you are registered, you are considered a participant and will receive a finishers medal and be included in the results.


Q. Where can I complete my virtual event?

A. You can log your event anywhere that is legal and abides by all state and local relevant rules.


Q. Is this virtual event supporting charities?

A. Yes, 100% of profits will be shared with community groups, SES and CFA, as well as our charity partner CanTeen.


Q. How will winners be calculated?

A. Given the mere nature of a virtual event, competitors run in various locations – and not all courses are equal. It is very difficult to be fair and even when allocating places. Therefore, if you are participating and keen to be considered for the top 3 podium places in your event and age group, you must meet some of the basic “result requirement guidelines”.


Q. What are the “result requirement guidelines”?

A. See below.


Q.  Will I receive a race bib?

A. Yes, well kinda. We will email your bib after all results are submitted and full event results are calculated, it will double as a certificate and include your name, time and place, including age group placing.


Q. Are there trophies and prizes?

A. This event is focused on all profits going to community groups and emergency services. To maximise our donations, we will be keeping outgoings on a very tight budget. Let’s see what we can muster up from some sponsors.  Trophies might be custom made.


Q. Are there any more rules?

A. If you ask a question about something we haven’t yet thought of, then we will add our answer to the rules and guidelines. We just want you to have fun and do it safely and fairly.

Result Requirement Guidelines

You must not use mechanical aids, except walking poles.

You can use 4 legs if you have that many.

No you can’t be pushed or pulled up hills, you get the idea, just like any normal run, no unfair advantages permitted.

If you want to be considered for the podium you must submit your results, including GPS data, for proof. All results provided without GPS data are ineligible for the podium but will be inserted in the results table in order.

A formula will be applied to potential podium results, based on an elevation factor. This will be a multiplier to your time based on your elevation set against the actual course elevation. Please note this will not be an exact science but rather a way to determine the top 10 places with some form of fairness. We ask that the final decision based on a formula is accepted, remembering this is a virtual event and impossible to make absolutely even and fair when on different courses at different times.